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Bojana Rackovic , vice director at Ribarastvo SLAP ltd

http: // www.slap.ba

Bilateral Meetings

  • May 12, 2016 9:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m.
Ribarstvo „SLAP“ ltd was founded in 20.06.2006. Owner is 37-year old Mr. Muhamed Tabaković. Main acctivity is production, breeding and processing of rainbow trout Farm and factory are located on the delta of two rivers – Žepa and Drina, at an altitude of 250 m, in ECO Zone. - Cureent annual production of rainbow trout is 1500 t. Number of employees: 30 In Austria, Dornbirn, in 2014. „Slap“ opened its new representative and start to export fish to Austria, Germany and Czech Republic. Fish processing plant was opened in April 2013. Plant is equipped with modern machines by the standards of EU. In end of 2013. , our processing plant was registered for export fish to EU, with export number K-3-102. Capacity of plant is 8 tons processed fish daily. Ribarstvo „Slap“ Ltd, in the period 2014-2015. was built a hatchery and nursery for spawn production, cpacity of 15 million pieces/year. Our modern technology and team of highly trained experts are a guarantee of our products top quality and safe H&S regularity. As a proof of that we have implemented and certified ISO 9001 as well as HACCP standards.

Country: Bosnia-Herzegovina

Organization Type: SME's

Organization Size: 26-50

Founding Year: 2006

Phone: 00387 58 417615;00387 66147715

Email: bojana.rackovic@slap.ba

City: Rogatica ,Srpske sloge 58 Google map

Offer & Request

Fish - trout

- rainbow trout (Regenbogenforelle)
- red trout ( Lachsforelle)
- brown trout (Bachforelle)
- brook trout (Bachsaibling)