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Almin Karamehić , Executive Director at Eko Bel d.o.o.


Bilateral Meetings

  • May 12, 2016 9:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m.
“EKO-BeL” d.o.o. is family business company established in 1997, as the first private company specialized for activities in sanitary-ecological protection. In 17 years we establish four main sectors: Agro-BeL sector – production, trade, consulting, education, planning and engineering in agriculture, wholesale and retail of plant protection products, biocides, equipment and products for agriculture, production and packing pesticides. Agrocenter for processing of fruits, vegetables, spices, medicinal herbs and mushrooms. Agrocenter is located in municipality of Kozarska Dubica, which is center of fruit growing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most of our production from Agrocenter goes to export, and our main market for dried fruits and herbs are Israel, Turkey, Germany, France and Slovenia. DDD sector – provides services of disinfection, disinsection, deration, deviperization, fumigation and bird protection, as well as production of rodenticides. Fire services and construction sector – provides services in protection at work and fire protection, wholesale, retail and service of fire equipment, sales of equipment and services in construction.

Country: Bosnia-Herzegovina

Organization Type: Other,

Phone: +387 66 709 451

Email: almin.karamehic@ekobel.net

City: Trn; Laktaši ,Cara Dušana 84 Google map

Offer & Request

Agro Business


We are very open when it comes to opportunities for cooperation and we believe that it could go in several directions. I'll try to count them, but not in order of importance or priority, but only listed and we are ready to respond to any variant for which the potential partner can be interested.

1. Sale of the entire agro - business; here means that the buyer assumes full factory with all infrastructure, equipment, machinery, if necessary the workers and with all signed contracts and contacts existing customers.

2. Finding partners for existing business; here it would be necessary to come up with possible partner (but only and exclusively in the long run), made an agreement on co-financing in working capital for the purchase of raw materials for the upcoming season and the sale of finished products. In this case the profit would be part of in accordance with the agreement with the partner.

3. Find a partner for new business; we have invested in production hall of 1,300 m2. The hall is fully completed, with complete infrastructure and is ready to starts with production in accordance with the wishes of potential partners. In the conversation I mentioned you our benefits when this kind of cooperation is in question. Primarily we have the agreement with Turkey on the absence customs duties on products produced in BiH. Also the location is ideal for production and export to the EU since we are far from the border only 6 km. For all these reasons we believe that we are the ideal place for investment in production and which not need to be at all related to agro - business.

4. Finding a buyer for the existing portfolio; this is the most simple and applicable on classical finding potentially interested buyers.