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Federica Fernandez , Steering Board-Project Manager at YO.CO.CU.


Bilateral Meetings

  • May 12, 2016 9:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m.
History YOCOCU was born in 2008 with the aim to realize a network among young professionals and researchers, working in different fields of Cultural Heritage, starting by the organization of an International Conference. YOCOCU Conference in 2008 was the first International meeting focused on Cultural Heritage completely devoted to the youth. It was an important opportunity to share knowledge and expertise and a clear example of how strong is the willingness of the youth to be present, to be visible and to compete in the sector. The other three editions of the Conference (Rome 2008, Palermo 2010, Antwerp 2012, Agsu 2014) have made YOCOCU a worldwide network for interdisciplinary and international collaborations. Organization: Today YOCOCU has its Offices in Italy (two offices), Spain (two offices), Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Turkey, Romania (two offices) and Azerbaijan. YOCOCU has developed a large international network of multilevels partnership, cooperating with Municipalities, Institutions, Universities, SMEs and other Associations in all the Countries in which its Offices are located and abroad. Aim Researches, conservation and restoration operations in the field of cultural heritage are often the result of a balance between two contributions: the experience and the creativity. Cultural heritage consists of unique artifacts that require a great experience for their conservation and valorization. On the other hand, they constitute new challenges to be approached through new ideas and a strong creativity, aspects often characteristic of young professionals and researchers. YOCOCU (Youth in Conservation of Cultural Heritage) intends to focus on the collaboration of these people and the sharing of their knowledge and experiences to obtain a more sustainable preservation of the world cultural heritage, in both its tangible and intangible aspects. In the same time, a sustainable tourism has to take into consideration all those aspects, from to the recognition and the respect for their values, to the material consistency of the artecrafts, to the people sense of belonging. The main YOCOCU’s aims are: - to promote conservation and valorization of cultural heritage - to contribute to a sustainable and responsible tourism management (innovation and quality) - to give a voice to young professionals, to provide them with tools and opportunities to show their participation in the development of the sector - to match senior conservators with junior professionals enhancing the sharing of knowledge and expertise - to develop sensibility and awareness in the general public about the importance of cultural heritage. Activities 1. Disseminate and develop in the general public the sensibility for the preservation of cultural heritage, promoting sustainable and responsible tourism strategies. 2. Coordinate research, stimulate, promote and collect information concerning scientific, technical end ethical problems related to conservation and restoration of cultural heritage. 3. Organize meetings and projects enhancing the quality of the preservation of cultural heritage. 4. Promote and organize educational activities in the field of cultural heritage for professionals, students, citizen and tourists. 5. Promote the role of young professionals, researchers and students in the field of conservation and protection of cultural heritage, collecting their experiences, matching senior conservators with junior professionals 6. Perform interventions for heritage protection worldwide, thanks to its large net of professionals. 7. Organize activities for the development of professions in the heritage sector, for professional update and in order to share knowledge, promote a discussion on the job market of youth in the interdisciplinary heritage sector. 8. Analyze and promote investment in the heritage sector. 9. Contribute and support worldwide, including developing countries, where difficult or emergency situations occur, the conservation or promotion of cultural heritage or public welfare.

Country: Italy

Organization Type: Other

Founding Year: 2008

Phone: +393473880702

Email: fernandez.arch@gmail.com

City: Palermo - Sicily ,Via M. di Villabianca 3 Google map

Offer & Request

Sustainable Tourism - Cultural Heritage Preservation

We are interested on:
- Project Partnership on Sustainable Tourism
- Dissemination and Educational Activities

We offer a large net of international stakeholders in the field of Cultural and Environmental Heritage.
We are based in Sicily Region and have also a large net of available Institutional and Private partners interested on project partnerhip, having various ideas and proposals.