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Luca Pavanato , Project Manager at Unioncamere del Veneto - EEN Eurosportello Veneto


Bilateral Meetings

  • May 12, 2016 9:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m.
The Regional Association of the Chamber of Commerce of the Veneto Region Unioncamere del Veneto (UCV) is a public equivalent body coordinating 7 Chambers of Commerce and contributing to the economic policies of large part of the country. Consisting of three departments, our institution employs more than 60 people (Venice, Brussels) Our Study Centre supplies the regional government, main national economic institutes and financial newspapers with the main figures about regional economy. Through its European policies department named Eurosportello Veneto, UCV is fully equipped and staffed to successful manage EU projects. Eurosportello Veneto is actually an information and assistance office providing services and helping the business community - especially SMEs based in Veneto (4,900,000 inhabitants and 560,000 SMEs) - to work better in the European Single Market and the world market. Being promoted by the Commission of the European Communities, Directorate General Enterprises, it is part of a network of more than 280 offices throughout Europe, all linked to each other and with EEC headquarters in Brussels – Enterprise Europe Netowrk. It is indeed consortium coordinator of Enterprise Europe metwork for the Triveneto (North-East Italy) area. Eurosportello Veneto gave birth to a sub-network of Eurosportello hosted by the Chambers of Commerce of each province. The Eurosportello Veneto helped to open both a Relay Centre in Croatia-Rijeka and the local chamber of commerce. It has links with the Antennas of East European countries, the nearly 600 BC-NET points, the Directorate General Enterprise of the EC Commission and the international network of Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad. Eurosportello Veneto is hosted by Unioncamere Veneto. Sportello APRE Veneto is run by Eurosportello Veneto on behalf of Unioncamere Veneto. Sportello APRE Veneto is a decentralised office of APRE for the North East regions of Italy. APRE (Agency for the Promotion of European Research), an association located in Rome, enjoys the support of the Ministry of University and Research and has as its main goal the participation of Italy to EU R&D programmes. Finally Eurosportello Veneto runs the Brussels Delegation of the seven Chambers of Commerce of Veneto.

Country: Italy

Organization Type: Chambers

Phone: 0039 041 0999 411

Email: europa10@eurosportelloveneto.it

City: Venezia ,Eurosportello Veneto, via delle Industrie 19/D, 30175 Marghera (Venezia) Google map

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