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Klodiana Collaku , Director at CEAPAL


Bilateral Meetings

  • May 12, 2016 9:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m.
An important aim of CEAPAL is to conduct research into the history and cultural heritage of Albania and more. One of main goals of the CEAPAL organisation is to promote further development of SMEs in Tourism sector in Albania.

Country: Albania

Organization Type: Other

Phone: +355692054070

Email: klodianacollaku@yahoo.com

City: Tirana ,Rruga " Ismail Qemali", Nr. 30 /1019, Google map

Offer & Request

Sustainable Tourism Development

Sustainable Tourism Development is the
most effective tool in Albania to fight against
poverty and brings economic prosperity,
well-being, creation and improving jobs,
transfer of know-how, and improved quality
services for tourists.